NEW BRANDING! Or should I say, growth?...

NEW BRANDING! Or should I say, growth?...

Just as the caterpillar transforms, so must I. The journey of self-discovery and LISTENING to my body, consciousness and heart is ever evolving. With that I have been guided to learn and explore the many wonders of this great universe. After years of working on myself spiritually I have carefully, in full love and appreciation of this great planet and cosmos, become a Reiki Master Teacher, developed my mediumship, researched the knowledge taught for eons in Mystery Schools, delve into the Akasha, became a Sound Healer and now on the practice session phase of being certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT focusing on past life regression and healing.

I am absolutely starving for this knowledge, I devour it. I've learned that this is my life's purpose so that I may help others find theirs. We are in this together! Your joy is my joy, your health is my health, your sadness is my sadness. This is a group exercise of loving. The only REAL truth is that based on genuine, true love. Only with free will, can one also engage in this opening and remembering. It is in ALL of us and there to discover.

It would be my soul's honor to help you in this transformative, loving, difficult and rewarding journey.

All my best, always.

Love, KK

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