What’s So Great About L’Amour Louisiane’s Olive Oh! Bath Bombs?

  1. It’s the olive oil! Olive oil nourishes dry skin cells and leaves your body feeling silky smooth – No Need for Lotion! You’re Smooth ALL OVER!
  2. It’s the intoxicating aroma! Oh, don’t get me started on the fabulous scents from the Certified Organic Essential Oils and our own organic blends incorporated in the mix. Right now you can get your Olive Oh! bath bombs made with Lavender (lavandula augustifolia) essential oil and three of our fabulous house blends: Louisiana Satsuma, Louisiana Sunshine, and Fais Do Do.
  3. And how about the fact that the pure Epsom salts work their magic with your tired and achy muscles, leaving you feeling clean and relaxed? Fill your tub with the warmest water you can stand, add your bomb, and experience what heaven is bound to feel like.
  4. And finally – They fizzzz! Fizzing is not only fun to watch and feel, but it quite nicely disperses the ingredients throughout your bath water.

Soak in this glorious concoction for as long as your water is comfortable, and if that’s not long enough for you, add more hot water to continue your bath spa treat. Happy, happy, happy!!

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