Ohhh 2023... what do I see?

Ohhh 2023... what do I see?


Change is inevitable. To fight change is to swim upstream in rapids. It's exhausting, futile and possibly ones demise (unless a salmon, but I digress ;). Change is the order of the universe, the absolute that nature always wins. We are but a piece of glitter shooting from the fingertips of God's/Source bright hand. We are connected and glowing within. Some have paths of immense turbulence while some in a straight line. The curving, undulating turbulent pieces, however, sparkle brightest.

I think we all fear change of that which has grown to be our comfort zone. Even if not the most healthy. A flower can grow in the harshest conditions but imagine it's potential if living in the most nourished soil? Flourishing in ways it never knew possible.

Release yourself and others of the strain of that limiting, starved existence. To love most deeply is to allow the bird to fly. It doesn't mean goodbye, it simply means growth. A scary potential but, oh... the possibilities.

I believe to my core the only real truth is love. True, ego free, selfless love. Hate is ego at its worst; a want for control of something you choose to not accept, understand, learn or heal from. Feel it... then release it as it's detriment is to you alone. A bird cannot fly if tethered to a stone.

In my 40+ years of existence in this lifetime I have dealt with some pretty tough tragedies. Out of all of them; murder of a dear friend, cancer diagnoses and surgeries, not having the honor of being a mom, success, failures, heart ache and loss, I know one thing to be true... Love is the only truth and hope is not a future place but a feeling that whether you live another hour or 100 years you shared and showed love. Not flighty or without boundary... but, honestly.

I'm sure most of us have been guilty of giving too freely without proper boundary or regard for our own personal truths for fear of confrontation or loss. But that's not living in truth, is it? It's bending to another for fear of hurting their truth, while suffocating your own. Give the gift of freedom to express and experience to yourself and others as we are all sharing in this moment of life. We are all immersed in this reality with our own contracts to fulfill.

In 2023 I release and succumb to the flow of the universe. I am open to growth and lessons, but most welcome joy and laughter. I will have days of pain, failure and days of progress. I will have ugly days and beautiful moments. I will love and continue my shadow work, as I must get out of this lifetime a grade of 'complete' from the lessons in which I've signed up for. I will continue to work on my little baby here, my business, and most wish to see that it may bring an uplifting hug to others.

And my hopes for you... That you may receive all the love, lessons, successes and failures needed in developing the very best version of yourself. Together in truth and love we got this, yall!

Here's to 2023!


All my best, always.


Love, :)kk










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