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2023 'Random Acts of Art' Calendar

2023 'Random Acts of Art' Calendar

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🌻Get the first ever 'Random Acts of Art' calendar!⚡️

Each month has original art, beautifully printed.

Proceeds go to the creation of the beautifully printed, non-invasive, easy to place RAOA signs. The cost breakdown is $20 for me to have printed, $15.55 per purchase to the RAOA initiative. They can be shared throughout our community or even YOUR front yard! At this point I have placed 20 signs in areas I felt needed them most. Alas, I open this to you!👋

The simple message of this initiative is, "We're so glad you're here" paired with colorful locally created art.

As someone who's experienced serious medical issues, loss and healing over the last 15 years especially, I've found that in my most difficult moments a simple and loving gesture, often by a stranger, meant the absolute world to me. So I thought, hey, I love my community, I'm an artist... why not share that! Signs seemed like the most reasonable means.

Next steps! I would love more artists and volunteers to be involved in this project. I'd also like to incorporate more local events on the calendar specific to Baton Rouge and the surrounding area.

I'm so hoping you see the love and potential in this project, this 💗heART💗 initiative.🥰🫶❤️🙌🦋🌞⚜️


All my best, always.


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Random Acts of Art

Random Acts of Art is a big deal. Sharing LOVE & BEAUTY in our shared community. We've all had those times when a simple message or gesture meant so much. See how YOU can SPREAD THE LOVE!

Community Sound Bath

Please join one of my monthly Sound Baths for relaxation, meditation and energy balancing. Using overtone emitting instruments producing Solfeggio frequencies for healing and wellness. These are pay what you can, all are welcome. Bring a mat, pillows, eye mask... whatever makes you comfortable to lay for 45 min. I do ask you remain respectfully quiet as to not disrupt others' Zen :) Upcoming dates