Client Reviews


     “Some people carry a certain light about them, an aurora, and Karen is certainly one of those people. After visiting her website, I was interested in learning more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). She took the time to explain it, addressed all of my questions then provided links in the internet.

On the day of my appointment, I arrived at her studio which she commonly refers to as the “Treehouse”, a quaint, well decorated studio located on the second floor. Once inside, Karen offered tea and a snack. The interior was clean and well maintained which made me feel comfortable. We sat and she explained in more detail the process of QHHT and asked questions about me in order to facilitate the process. The two hour conversation was very thorough, but seemed to have only lasted twenty minutes.

Next, she had me lay down to start the hypnosis. If you’ve never experienced hypnosis, it’s that fleeting moment right before you fall asleep or the moment before you awake. In this practice, the fleeting moment is extended into two hours. For this reason, I highly recommend scheduling time for self care afterwards. The after effects of clarity and direction were powerful, taking hours to fully embrace all of the emotions. Over the  next several days, my mind became less cluttered which led to a path becoming more evident than ever before. Karen’s knowledge and professionalism had connected my subconscious self with my conscious self which provided a solid foundation for growth.

It’s been 18 days now, each day leading to an even greater appreciation of this experience. I look forward to scheduling another session with Karen the next time I’m in town again. She is very knowledgeable in her practice and offers a variety of services. I think you will find her approach to the healing arts will put you at ease while promoting improved mental, emotional and possibly physical health.”     -Ken L.


     "I have attended several different types of sessions with KK--a few sounds baths in a group setting, as well as an individual reiki session. Karen is a healer, and her approach is very intuitive. Her calm and peaceful vibe is contagious. She plugs into the energy of the room or person and is able to channel positive flow into the room. Her sounds baths are divine. If it is your first time, it might find it somewhat unsettling at the beginning how the sound permeates every cell of your body and the vibrations take over like waves, but quickly you realize that it is not threatening to let go and give into the sound. Once you let go, the sound waves take over and carry you through your journey--it might be visions of the past, or people past, or unexpected thoughts and visions of situations out of nowhere. You may chose to focus on something or someone that needs attention and find a resolution there. You might realize that you need to let go of some old feelings or thought patterns. You might become overwhelmed by the warmth of positive energy and allow it to channel through you like a beam of light. You might not experience any of these things but still come out of the session with a sense of peace and tranquility you have not felt before. It is hard to describe the sensation of your entire body immersed in a sound, but the therapeutic and meditative energy of this experience is universally soothing. 

Her individual reiki session is equally balancing. She used the singing bowls and other instruments during our reiki session as well as some hands-on techniques. She tunes into your body and your 'channel' to scan for clogged energy centers or other obstacles in your energy flow and works to re-calibrate them. I did leave the session feeling calm, balanced, fresh and overall with a sense of well-being. 
I highly recommend KK and her practice to anyone."  -Mariana