So, who makes what I sell anyway??

So, who makes what I sell anyway??

I do! Right here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana :)

Many people ask if me who makes the products I sell. I think it's often hard for them to imagine that "I" do. ;)

My products start where I personally see a need. I like to know exactly what are in the products I put directly on my skin, especially the ones I use most frequently. I prefer natural with no chemicals, but also want them to do the job. Like, do the job well! Testing begins! This often includes giving samples to all my friends to test. :)

Then, I want to be sure if I develop that product, it will be affordable for customers to buy, and for myself to create. A lot of research and trial and error here. I hate that quality products cost so much, everyone should have access! Unfortunately, EVERYTHING has gotten more expensive these days :( My pure therapeutic grade essential oils, my packaging, all of of it! But I'm still committed to keeping them affordable to most.

Once developed I decide on packaging and labeling. This can be a cart before the horse situation if not done carefully. Again, research, trial and error to find that happy balance. I want it to make sense. I've purchased some really shoddy products that have come in the most beautiful, (expensive), packaging. I can't help but think that must be a ploy, as to keep a customer wouldn't you want the product itself to be the star, not just the packaging?!

Again, I don't want to price the average customer out of the game! So, I focus on really quality products and nice packaging. But, not over the top!

I create a label, which I prefer not be too fancy. I prefer casual, pretty and fun.  Personal taste, but again, the product itself is the star of the show! Quality, quality, quality!

After all of this is done, on the website she goes!

It is sometimes a lot to maintain it all by myself, however, it is my baby and let's be honest, I can't afford help ;) As I am a full time teacher, I work on this after work and EVERY weekend. It's a true labor of love. I believe in this and I believe South Louisiana is more than what outsiders may believe it to be. Maybe in some way I feel I can help with that perception, with the loving and thoughtful products I make. There are so many amazing creators here, let's celebrate that!

OH, I forgot to mention my bracelets, YES, I carefully hand pick the beads and hand string ALL OF THEM. A loving hug around your wrist.

Also, as I am a Reiki Master, EVERYTHING is Reiki infused with love and gratitude. A little energetic boost for you to enjoy.

A need, an idea, research, create, test, share and sell! Simple!

I often feel a bit vulnerable regarding my work as it's so close to my heart and I want others to also see their benefits.  With so many options out there, I hope you see the value, quality and love I put into my work. And don't you EVER FORGET, I'm so appreciative for the continued support and love.

Thank you.

All my best, always.

Love, KK

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