We Grow Through Pain

We Grow Through Pain

I've been trying to write this blog for weeks now, months even. Hoping a change would happen in the present world situation that warranted a beautiful, exciting new post. As we are all well aware so much globally has happened that is not necessarily described as beautiful or exciting

However... I am so optimistic for what is coming and actually has been here the entire time. A new recognized love and appreciation for ourselves, our loved ones and neighbors. Our health, our planet, our cosmos is in greater focus with love in our eyes. We are one and with that we will prevail beautifully

In pain there is growth, growth is most quickly attained through a painful process. WE ARE GROWING. With growth there are aches, worry, fear, anger and discomfort. We will push past with glorious light and love. 

I have so much confidence in us, all things living and their beautiful souls, our planet, our universe that there is only one outcome. And you know what? It IS beautiful and exciting! 

All of my work whether art, body products, personally or professionally are filled with this joy and hope. It fills my soul knowing that I can do my small part and share that with you. If free, it would not be an even barter. For one to give they must receive or an imbalance occurs. 

For those who resonate with this, as I resonate with all, I'm so pleased. 

All my very best, love, light & protection to you,

Love, kk

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