The Two are Becoming One: We Can Have it All and Should

The Two are Becoming One: We Can Have it All and Should

I know I'm not alone in saying that we are all seeking a situation to be realized in the very best way possible. A balance of all that we want and need. A balance of passion with sustainability.

Seeking the flame of desire within comfort and routine.   Is it possible?!

Can we have our cake and eat it too? Can we live in great comfort and stability while experiencing a passion for life, people and existence? Or to self preserve do we have to bury heads, work hard and dig deep. Blinders on and full steam ahead with a blatant ignoring of what we most desire in our souls truest sense. Who taught us this misaligned sick dysfunction?! How are we to be our very best, if malnourished? You cannot cut off the food source and expect health.

Is it either, or? To experience everything your soul desires or steady soldiering ahead, depriving yourself of the joys of this human existence? Selfish? Yes! In the healthiest of ways. Is this the human experience, to have to choose this polarity? An old, defunct theory and practice, in my book.

Well, I want it all. I want joy, desire, passion, stability, mundane and routine. I want talking with the intensity of lightening for hours and sacred time alone to reflect. I want deep intimate love while an awareness of alone-ness so that I may be urged to dive deeper into my own consciousness.

I want financial security beyond my dreams so that I can immerse into the vastness of life, giving freely without limit, while also needing just enough to visit my favorite coffee shops, and buy a few things on the regular during my chill, down-time online shopping fun.

I want to live with views of mountains, fresh breeze, access to clean natural water and immense beauty, while living in a beautiful comfortable home without pretension. I want open doors and comfortable chairs. Good healthy food, hand-made treats and clean water. I want genuine friendship and lovely strangers.

I mostly want for ALL of us to have exactly what we most desire. Can you imagine a world where no one wants for the basic necessities and even better, lives a life they love. Could you imagine the peace and freedom that would bring the entire world? Fear would dissolve and love would reign. No more us versus them, just "us". We are one. Earth, animals, all life and humanity in the same house of joy, abundance, and love.

I prefer to dream, expect the good in most, with fear of few. My energy aligns with that of a butterfly. Freedom and wonder, while treading lightly, softly and without prejudice. A resurrection from fear, worry and pain to simply... love. Love of me, you, all. I see your immense sparkle coursing through your veins and wish only for you to acknowledge it, too. Occasionally clouded, sometimes knee deep in limiting beliefs, with always and forever a return to light.

Together, we are abundance beyond realms and loved surpassing Saturn and back. We've never been forsaken, never. That my love, is a human notion. We embody perfection of source, we are source. Together we are an unstoppable force of light.

I see you, I love you and I am so glad you're hear. Let's brighten this shit up, yall!

All my best, always.

Love, kk


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