Pop-Up @City Pork on Highland

Pop-Up @City Pork on Highland

Hey yall, I'll have all the goodies out there!

Mother's day is coming up... Treat yo' self you nurturer, You! No matter if human to fur baby... we're natural nurturers. Often that means we put ourselves second, third... 10th. That's NO GOOD, take care of YOU first, and be the best version of YOU in this life we share. We can only give fully if WE ARE filled up.

You LOVE and are LOVED, my dear friend. Take care of yourself.

Earrings, Bracelets, Super Spray, Cocha Spray, Lip Balms, Salves, Ayurvedic PRO-GLOW FACE+NECK Serum, Detoxify Soaking Salts and NEW Art Work!

Additionally, other great vendors will be there too! Brunch, Shop, Support & Enjoy!

All my best, always.

With Love, kk


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hi! i am one of the people that bought your nourishing lip balms,and i am the girl that was $2 short and i want to say that that lip balm is so good and very hydrating!i love it and thank you!


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