MANIFEST: Hopes&DreamsClub

MANIFEST: Hopes&DreamsClub

*New date coming soon!* Email with any questions :)

Hopes& Dreams Club came to me during a meditation after listening to the wise words of Abraham Hicks through Esther Hicks. I can't imagine anything more wonderful than a gathering of people with the positive energy to change their course in a productive and decisive manner. We will discuss manifesting, we will use some great templates and prompts to help clear out the clutter and get to the core of our personal truths and what our soul most desires.
This course is meant for anyone. If you have resonated with this, then it is meant FOR YOU.
It's easy to get off course, wander to the unclear overgrown and even scary reaches of life. To lose sight of what was so clear before. To have swayed off path by distraction then swayed off that path, then swayed off that path avoiding obstacles and so-on.
We'll RESET CLARITY and remember the fire-in-your-belly hopes and dreams that were once palpable and so delicious. And together, I believe we can achieve anything!

NOW is the BEST time to LIVE the life you imagined!

'10' spots available, I hope to see you there!

All my best, always.

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