It's the New Year -- Time to renew!!

When the new year rolls around, so often visions of improved health, vitality, and new experiences dance in our heads. Here at L'Amour Louisiane, we love to think of ways to make all of our daily routines boost overall vitality. For instance, for those of us who bathe in a nice hot tub every day, we love to make our personal time in the bath something that doesn't end when we exit the bathtub. A bath with one of our bath balls, bursting with Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oils and more, perfumed with deliciously pure essential oils that boost skin healing and mental sedation, stays with you for many hours after. Not only is it a mighty moisturizer, you smell great and - watch out - it can be habit forming!

And for those of us who like to bathe with healing salts, L'Amour Louisiane offers pure Lavender essential oil-imbued salts, as well as essential oil BLENDS that make bath-soaking a delicious event, with the likes of Eucalyptus Mint, Minty Lavender, Meyer Lemon, and sweet Satsuma. Out salts are a blend of Epsom salts, citric acid, baking soda, and more, to give you the relaxing experience you're looking for. Your muscles will love you for it!

Bath time = fun time does not only pertain to kids! Enjoy some luscious bath time for yourself. You will feel the effects long afterwards!

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