Alone as Divine: Travelling through Flow

Alone as Divine: Travelling through Flow

Oh, how I love to travel. And traveling alone, can be divine. Sure, there are moments I'd love to share in the adventure, but the ample time to deeply consume and absorb the new surroundings is immeasurable. The smells, beauty, differences, the people, the natural elements and views. To rely solely on 'you'. To not be led, but to be immersed.

When I was a young girl I remember wanting to be simply dropped somewhere. I knew, absolutely knew, I'd be okay and even better than that... I'd find something very special I didn't realize I was missing.

The discovery that happens when being responsible for only 'you' is priceless. No distraction. It's a true pleasure to just FLOW and discover. To drive, turn around, walk into or sit by that which is unfamiliar. You can see the world in an instant through the eyes of everyone around you. To feel the energy with clarity and understand that we're all pretty much the same. We all want love, a safe place to rest, good food,  joy and beauty. Conversations seem to mean more when you all understand they're fleeting. A soul touched, and the moment adding to your life's experience.

I encourage you to enjoy your alone time, enjoy the moments in which you are free to absorb all that surrounds you, to immerse into the moment even if mundane. To shift the brain into low gear, allowing it to observe without over stimulation, without judgement and without a preconceived plan. To move freely with the flow, to walk where the universe has guided you without argument, and allow for the magic to reveal itself.

Until next time,... thank you, I love you.

All my best always,


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