Add Reiki + Sound Bath to YOUR wellness business!

Add Reiki + Sound Bath to YOUR wellness business!

Have you considered Reiki + Sound Bath to your wellness offerings?!  This not only brings additional healing benefits to your clientele but is also an amazing way to spread universal love energy to your community.

As strange as this sounds it has been adopted by hospitals and healing institutions for decades. Once only in the reaches to certain elite, it is now available to all of us as it's time to remember the love/healing energy the earth and cosmos offer. Through careful practice, training and attunements my wish is that I may bring this to you and your community. Learn more here!

I look forward to chatting about how we together, can offer love and health. We are sharing in this life together, right now, let's do our best to manifest all the goodness we can. 

All my best, always.

With love, :)kk

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